I will never forget my first trip to  Cayo Largo, that little island that from the airplane looked like a green sponge floating over the Caribbean sea. Its beautiful beaches and fine sands give the impression that this key is surrounded by a bright aureola. 

Located south of  Cuba, Cayo Largo has an average temperature higher than the one in the rest of the country. During the dry season, rains are less frequent here. This advantage makes Cayo Largo the ideal destination for those diving lovers, for  fishermen, nature lovers and everyone looking for an exotic environment. The key´s surroundings, with its cliffs, allow to explore the interior of its calm waters.

According to experimented divers this is a wonderful place to explore. Being me myself a diver in deep waters, I was often amazed at the amount of fish that came near me perhaps wondering what kind of mammal I was. So wonderful is the beauty of Playa Sirena that it made me fall for it from the very first time I saw the beach. This way, many groups coming from Havana, Mégano, Santa María and Varadero come here as optional activities to spend one or two days in this dream key. 

I was gladly impressed to see the sunset and its great beauty that allows to watch the silhouette of flamingos, pelicans and many other birds, whose harmonic melody produces an undescribable symphony. As I would like to let you discover all the treasures of Cayo Largo´s flora and fauna, I´ll finish here this description to give you the pleasure and hapiness of experimenting it by yourselves. When you leave the key, after this first time, I´ve thought that maybe we could share this treasure with the tourists from Quebec who really know to praise these jewels. 

This is why I have promised to myself to get this Cuban exclusive for Québec. A whole year of work has gone by, full of difficulties, but nothing has kept me from offering you on this December 17, 1984 this wonderful destination of Champagnee Tours. It is only a first date! And it will fill me with joy to welcome you here and give you the best vacations in Cayo Largo. Looking forward to meet you there, 

 Tolly Reviv, president