In 1998, one of the most important newspapers in Cuba, GRANMA INTERNACIONAL, published the following article. Since it has a great historical significance, we´d like to have our clients read it. 

Tolly Reviv, in the middle, Louis Paul Atlant,journalist in Quebec, right.

Spreading all over  Cayo Largo del Sur

By:  Orlando Gómez Balado

--Granma Internacional Newspaper--

A peculiar event took place days ago. The press at the Nacional de Cuba hotel learned that according to his will, Canadian Quebecoise tour operator Mr Tolly Reviv, who had died in 1997 at the age of 77, wanted to have his ashes spread in Cuba, particularly, in the beautiful Sirena beach.


Helen Gague Reviv, widow of the deceased former President of Champagne Tours, in Quebec, and his son Ronald, told the story in his last visit to Cuba. They were coming to turn Tolly´s wish into a reality, since Cuba was one of his greatest passions, especially Cayo Largo, small and virginal islet of the Cuban archipelago.

"Always and from the very first moment he came to Cuba, by the end of the 70´s ---said  Helen---, he felt great sympathy for the Cuban people, and for the Cuban wonderful landscapes. From that moment on Tolly started to carry out notable efforts so Canadians get to know this Antillean island, above all its great sea bottoms."

He felt proud, commented Helen,  to be the first Canadian to discover  the virginity of Cuban sea nature. This loyal friend of the Cuban people worked for almost 20 years, through its tour operator to bring thousands of Quebecoises to Cuba, most of them have become regular tourists.

His lost have been wholeheartedly felt by many Cubans who worked with him all over the years, which contributed to strengthen the links between  Canada and Cuba.  Ronald, his son continues his father´s tradition; since he was 4 years old he hasn´t stop visiting Cuba, his second homeland:  ¨I always have Cubans in my heart", he said during the press conference.

Cayo Largo del Sur, facing the Caribbean sea, southeast of the Cuban archipelago, is for those visiting it a natural paradise for its crystal clear waters, the fine, white sand, privacy, efficiency and comfort of his hotels.

Manuel Estefanía Seoane, vice president of Gran Caribe Hotel Group Hotelero talked about the friendship she had with Tolly, and expressed the support the entity has provided to make Tolly´s wish come true.