President of Champagne Tours.


First Quebecois to discover the tourist potential of Cayo Largo del Sur and first to promote its development from 1984


 December 17, 1984: A man made his dreams come true and linked his life to the beauty of the beaches, cliffs and sands of  Cayo Largo del Sur forever.

Tolly┤s wife, Helene, with Maria de los A. Venero, worker of more than 18 years of experience in our destination


 Tolly Reviv, first tour operator of our tourist destination. Champagne Tours, the first to show clients the treasures of our flora and fauna so that every visitor could have the opportunity to experiment by themselves the wonders of this key.

Before he died he had asked to have his ashes thrown to the seas of Cayo Largo, so he can still hold these southern coasts. 


That┤s why  Tolly Reviv is part of our history, and today, all our clients can get to know more about him because he is already part of the values of our key, as you will see in our Museum House at Cayo Largo del Sur.

On February 20, 2002, during the celebrations on the occasion of the  XX Anniversary of Cayo Largo a tribute was paid to him by founders, regular clients and workers of the place.

To you Tolly Reviv,  and to those like you who year after year show hundreds of men and women the best of this place. THANKS, on behalf of the good men that have lived to make this dream come true

Luis Clarke Wright, Delegate of the Minister of Tourism, Jorge Luis Mijares, Gran Caribe Commercial Director, and other executives of Cayo Largo accompany Tolly┤s wife and son  that day of 1998, when Tolly┤s last wish was being read outloud.

Therefore, this page is dedicated to that man, devoted lover of this key, and we didn┤t want to finish it without this beautiful phrase of his wife Helene to his husband:

íSavour the peace that the paradise has offered you!


Tolly┤s letter to his clients    Article published in Granma Internacional Newspaper