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Pesca de Altura (Deep-sea fishing)

Excursion Deep-Sea fishing Cayo Largo

Deep-Sea: 4 hrs: 369 CUC / 6 hrs: 449 CUC / 8 hrs: 529 CUC

Prices are per boat, up to 4 fishermen + 4 companions
Companions: Adult 30 CUC / Children 15 CUC

This excursion includes...

  • Transfer from your hotel to the marina by minibus (10 mins)
  • An instructor aboard the boat, Espuma
  • (Fishing: 4 hours): ham and cheese sandwiches and open bar
  • (Fishing: 6-8 hours): lunch included and open bar.
  • Maximum of 4 fishermen per boat.
  • 50 CUC per additional hour.
  • Available everyday.
  • From 8h00 @ 17h00
  • Transfer marina-hotels by minibus
  • Visit the Avalon webiste to know more about fishing in Cayo Largo. The previous fishing club Casa Batida is no longer present on the island.

    You may visit the office of Avalon in Cayo Largo near the marina where the Villa Marinera is located. To book your fishing excursion, you may either ask your Tour Operator representative or go to the Avalon office.

    !!!!! WARNING !!!!

    There is this warning sign everywhere in Cayo Largo to inform people that fishing is forbidden in Cayo Largo. Refering to the law 164, resolution 212/97

    Photos from Avalon website ...

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