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Snorkeling in Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo is a small paradise for snorkels. A long coral reef, accessible by boat, along the south-western sector of the island. A refuge for thousands of colorful fish of all kinds.

The snorkeling is the activity most coveted in the full day catamaran excursion. Moreover, we did this tour many times since our first trip to Cayo Largo in March 1999. It is always a highlight of the day!

There are two places where snorkeling is possible from the beach ...

1. In front of the hotel Villa Soledad (only when the sea is calm). There are magnificent bouquets of coral, several species of fish and even turtles, if you're lucky! The ideal is to get into the sea facing the western footbridge of the Villa Soledad.

2. In Punta Mal Tiempo (near Playa Paraiso). Palms are mandatory if you wish to explore many places. To go there, you take the transfer included between hotels and western beaches and ask the driver to stop at Punta Mal Tiempo.

Click HERE to see a satellite photo with snorkeling areas of Cayo Largo, Cuba.

For people who does not have their own equipments, it is possible to get fins, mask and tuba at the watersport center of your hotel. It is included in your travel package for one hour per day (or so!)

Snorkeling at the coral reef

Transfer hotel-marina
Cruise to reach the coral reef (catamaran or yacht)
Snorkeling (gears available)

Price: 19 CUC (45 mins) / 25 CUC (60 mins)

Everywhere on the planet, corals are victims of the global warming, but also the tourist activity. In spite of Cayo Largo is a wonderful place for diving and snorkeling, we see many dead or damaged corals. The most recent enemy on the list is sunscreen lotions!

For many years, we took underwater photos with a digital camera in a casing (40 meters). The results are better than the disposable cameras, but it is still difficult to aim especially when the sea is not calm.

In October, 2008, we purchased our fourth underwater camera, a Pentax Optio W60 camera resistance to cold, shocks and up to 4 meters WITHOUT a casing. An essential tool, but with compromise. The results are interesting, but it is necessary to practice a little to obtain beautiful clichés. Since that time, we bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2 , a recently a Olympus Tough TG-1 (photo on left). Visit the Camera section of our dedicated website.

In 2008, we created a website dedicated exclusively to the marine world. Fish, corals and other specimens photographed as well as information on our underwater digital cameras and snorkeling tips. An homage to this marvelous coloured world and diversified, but at the same time so fragile.

We have hundreds of photos and videos of diving. You will surely be amazed to see all the the beautiful creatures!

We visited several places where it is possible to make excellent snorkeling like Jibacoa, Cuba and Roatan, Honduras. These two places have one thing in common... the proximity of the corals to the beach. No need to take a catamaran to go for snorkeling!

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