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Help the Turtle Farm in Cayo Largo

If you want to help the turtle farm by bringing (free) turtle foods in your luggage, this section of our site is for you! A great cause initiated by Elaine, a lover of this endangered species, and it is free!

Conference-dinner in Quebec about Cayo Largo sea turtles

On Feb. 17th 2009, Lily and I attended a very interesting conference about the life of marine tortoises of Cayo Largo given by a great lover of these creatures, Élaine. We were more than 35 guests at Chez Milot restaurant in Boisbriand.

During the presentation, Élaine explained to us the life of the various species of marine tortoises of Cuba and the stages for the conservation of this species starting from collecting the eggs on the beach up to the release of the babies in the sea.

She decided to contribute, in an original way, by obtaining a « commandite » by a company of tortoises food.

It is a container of 360 grams (see photo) 9.5 X 18 cm (approx. 1 liter). If you decide to contribute to this activity by bringing one or more containers, you may contact Élaine at the following address: tortue_marine@eclement.net

You may bring one or more containers and a letter of reference, written in spanish, will be given to you (in case of a customs officer would question you about the containers). Since she started this program years ago, more than 600 food containers have been brought to the turtles' farm. A great success. Congratulations to Elaine for her involvement in the preservation of this species!

Banner Turtle Farm Cayo Largo

The baby-tortoises thank you for helping them and will greet you next time they see you in diving.

Click HERE to access the site of our photo albums of Cayo Largo.

*** ATTENTION *** Especially in Playa Sirena we will find starfishes. These beautiful creatures are alive and die when exposed to air. For respect to marine life, do not take them out of the water. This applies to any other marine species. Remember there are fines of over $ 300 if you get caught in your luggage, corals and other marine species. Be respectful. It will be a shame to see them disappear.

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