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What to do in Cayo Largo ?

Of course most people come to Cayo Largo for the beauty, the quality and the tranquility of its beaches and untouched natural environment, but many activities and optional excursions are also available for people who want a more active vacation.

The all-inclusive package gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the activities listed below.

Some hotels have a more elaborate activity program than others, but they are closed to each other, so it's easy to go around and enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

Note certain activities require a day in advance booking. The peculiarity of Cayo Largo is unquestionably the length of its virgin beaches. All lovers of a long walk knows Cayo Largo and appreciates the quality of the sand.

If you go to Cayo Largo and stay around the pool, well, you're missing something unique. Choose in the following activities those that will satisfy you! Of course, most of activities are outdoor.

To discover this small island, the best way is to rent a Jeep or a scooter for a day. Visit our section transportation to know more about the option you have to visit the island.

Walking on the beach

This is without any doubt one of the most popular activities in Cayo Largo. This island is truly a walker's paradise due to its 20 km of beach all along the south coastline! Walking is made easy by the fine white sand, which never get too hot. If you walk east from the hotels, you may have sometimes to go around some rocks when the beach becomes narrower. Going west of the resort the beaches are generally wider.


Cayo Largo offers a wide variety of water sports. The all-inclusive package usually include the use of non-motorized equipments (one hour per day, per person): kayak, pedal boat, snorkeling gear, small catamaran, hobby cat, scuba diving lessons in the pool, etc.

Since 2007, the watersport equipments are located in Playa Sirena where the sea is calmer than Playa Lindamar. A transportation is available from the hotels to Playa Sirena. You may find other water sports at the marina ($).


With the all-inclusive package, you can use bicycles for one hour per day per person. This is for all the hotels. Beware, it is possible the bicycles are not functioning properly of simply not existing in some hotels. It is not recommended to go to the west beaches due to the sandy trails.

Horseback riding

Since December 2011, the Horseback Riding activity is no longer offered in Cayo Largo. The horses have left the island. They were returned to Pinar Del Rio on the main island of Cuba, except for the two older horses (Yaki and Paty Blanco) which have remained in Cayo Largo but won’t work anymore. This also means that the nice and cheerful Ramon lost its job in Cayo Largo. He was responsible for the Horseback riding since several years. We wish the best of luck to Ramon and hope that he will find a new job where he can again work with horses.


There are two crocodiles in a pond located at the Tower's garden. There is no fee to enter but you have to go there by yourself.


We do not know much about fishing, but apparently Cayo Largo offers excellent conditions for fishing! You may want to check out this website Avalon. They have exclusivity of fishing in Cayo Largo. It is forbidden to go fishing by yourself from the beach in Cayo Largo! Casa Batida is longer present on the island. At the Marina Cayo Largo, you can also book a Trolling Fishing excursion.

Tennis & Volleyball

Volleyball: You will usually find volleyball net on the beach at Sol Pelicano, Isla del Sur and Sol Cayo Largo. Some hotels also offer pool volleyball.

Tennis: You will find nice tennis courts on 4 locations: Sol Pelicano, Isla Del Sur, Sol Cayo Largo and Olé Playa Blanca hotels. With the all-inclusive package you can use them one hour per day per person, with or without an instructor (who are apparently good!)

Aerobics, Dance, Spanish lessons

Every day aerobics session and Latin dance lessons are given at the major hotels, near the pool or on the beach. Basic Spanish lessons are also given (usually near the pool bar). With a Mojito, you will learn Spanish quickly.

Daily activities & night entertainment

Throughout the day, the Entertainment staff invites tourists to participate in numerous games & sports. There are also shows, music and dancing every night. Sol Cayo Largo, Sol Pelicano and Olé Playa Blanca offer exterior shows with a roof.

Pueblo Tour

A good opportunity to visit the village of Cayo Largo called « El Pueblito ». You will have a guided tour with a person from the entertainment team at the hotel to visit the services in the village like the turtle farm, the museum about the history of Cayo Largo and free time to relax, eat, drink or shops. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 6 CUC person. You have to register at the Club House at 10h00. Ask your representative for availability.


Party with entertainment team every Friday in the village. 4 CUC per person. Ask your representative for availability.

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What to visit in Cayo Largo ?

Turtles farm (do not miss!)

Help Cayo Largo's turtles farm


Marina Cayo Largo

Village Isla del Sol

Tower's garden

North and East of the island

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